Early Detection for Cataracts

In most cases, cataracts are a result of aging; but you should also consider undergoing regular eye exams to check for eye problems if you fall into a higher risk category for developing cataracts. Because the development of a cataract cannot be reversed, catching it during an early stage can be important for avoiding surgery. If a patient is diagnosed with a cataract during an early stage of its development, certain lifestyle adjustments may slow the growth of the cataract and lessen the symptoms.

Steps Your Ophthalmologist May Suggest to Help in Early Stages

  • Adding brighter lighting to your home
  • Obtaining a new prescription for glasses or contacts
  • Quitting a smoking habit
  • Buying a magnifying glass
  • Decreasing exposure to sunlight
  • Wearing sunglasses that are specifically designed to reduce glare 

If these measures are ineffective and if the vision impairment inhibits other areas of your life (like reading or driving), surgery will likely be the next alternative.

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