Recognize the Signs & Symptoms of Cataracts

Have you been experiencing cloudy vision lately?  Although only an evaluation by an ophthalmologist can determine the exact nature of vision problems, clouding of the eye is often a symptom of a cataract. A number of potential causes and risk factors exist, but, in most cases, age plays a major role. Although many of the symptoms below could signal a cataract, they could also be symptoms of other eye-related problems and should be evaluated by your doctor.

Signs that You May Have Eye Cataracts

  • Images appear cloudy or blurry
  • Night vision is poor or impaired
  • A glare or “halo” appears around bright lights (sunlight, headlights on the freeway, etc.)
  • Colors seem faded, less vibrant than you remember
  • Glasses or contacts require frequent modifications in the strength of the prescription
  • In the early stages, two images (double vision) may be seen in the same eye. Note: this symptom may disappear if the cataract grows in size.
  • Importantly, if you have had to make changes to your lifestyle because of vision problems – like limiting yourself to activities during regular daylight hours because of difficulty driving at night – you should schedule an appointment with your doctor for a diagnosis.

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